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Our Mission

"We believe that plastic surgery empowers and transforms lives. We recognize it takes courage to change. We help out patients through their journey by providing the best plastic surgery experience in the safest environment. Our mission is to encourage the beauty and self-confidence our patient's desire."


A highly respected, ethical and experienced plastic surgeon.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer MD , FACS is an internationally recognized board-certified plastic surgeon.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer

Meet Dr. Miami

In the meantime, here are the answers to some of your important questions!

Your safety is our primary concern. We operate out of our own facility and therefore have very strict guidelines on who is a good candidate for surgery. Dr. Miami only operates on healthy individuals under the age of 50 with a body mass index of 30 or below. Diabetes, smoking, pregnancy, and severe anemia are some of the common conditions that will disqualify you from surgery.
If I am this tall.. I can’t weight more than… If I am this tall.. I can’t weight more than…
4’11” 149 lbs 5’6” 186 lbs
5’0” 154 lbs 5’7” 192 lbs
5’1” 159 lbs 5’8” 198 lbs
5’2” 164 lbs 5’9” 204 lbs
5’3” 170 lbs 5’10” 210 lbs
5’4” 175 lbs 5’11” 215 lbs
5’5” 180 lbs 6’0” 221 lbs
Dr. Miami mainly performs Brazilian Buttlifts, Breast Augmentations and Lifts, Tummy Tucks, Rhinoplasty, Chin Implants, Brachioplasty, Fat Transfer to Breasts, and Thigh Lifts. Dr. Miami does not perform facelifts. Dr. Miami will only do Botox/Fillers in combination with your surgery not as a stand-alone procedure. If you are interested in Botox/Fillers please call to schedule an appointment. Dr. Miami does not perform revisions of your surgeries from other surgeons. If you have already had surgery and would like that procedure revised, we recommend you return to your original surgeon.
Our patient coordinators will respond to your inquiry within 3-5 business days. If you are eligible for surgery, you will receive a detailed quote and you will be required to pay a $2000 deposit to secure your surgery date. This deposit is non-refundable unless your surgery is canceled for a medical reason.
The following is the list of our surgery prices for our most common procedures. They include surgeon’s fees and anesthesia fees. They do not include any out-of-pocket expenses associated with surgery: medical clearance, prescriptions, recovery house, travel expenses, accommodations, etc. Please note we do not accept any insurance plans.
Brazilian Buttlift $12,995
Breast Augmentation/Implant Exchange $6,495
Breast Lift with implants $9,995
Tummy tuck $8,995
Rhinoplasty $7,495
Most patients will need to stay at a recovery house or with a professional caretaker for at least 72 hours after surgery.
Our next available surgery date is in about 20 months from today.
We mainly accept Alphaeon Healthcare. To apply please visit or you can speak with one of our patient coordinators and they can help you with the process.